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History of Thai Railways

The history of Thai Railways can be traced back to 100 years. Unlike countries like Germany, UK, Switzerland, France, Japan and the USA, Thailand did not have the advantage of using steam locomotive. Thailand, then known as Siam, had never been colonized by any imperialist nation. This led them to acquire the railway parts and equipments from other major industrial countries.

Between September 1888 and October 2004, Thailand experienced new tramways and railways all over the country. At first, the tramways were built in small sections, connecting one neighborhood to another. Soon, as usage increased, demand also gave rise to construction of more tramways.

As time passed by, one railway line led to another. Before long, horse drawn trams were replaced by steam engine. However, they were no longer called mere trams. These massive cars came to be known as steam locomotives.

Express steam engine



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